Financial Reports

 BUDGET 2021-22



Four Year Forecast Report
FINAL One Page Projections 2020-21
2020-21 Full Budget Document
Four Year Budget 2020-21

Revenue Forecast for 2019-20 Budget
One Page Projected Budget for 2019-20 - House
One Page Projected Budget for 2019-20 - Senate
Program Cost Estimates for Budgeting 2019-20

Forecast 5 Fiscal Reports 2019-20
Forecast 5 Financial Reports 2018-19
A link to several financial reports.

Davenport Historical Staffing & Enrollment

January 2019 Financial Reports
Budget Summary 2019-20 Version 1.0

Expense to Budget Historical Comparison
This reports shows how close our actual expenditures compared to our budgeted expenditures.

District Financial Story and Comparison
This report shows the District's financial history and offers some comparisons with other local districts.

District Enrollment 360
A narrative of the District's enrollment.

Davenport Infographic
Quick overview of the 2018-19 district financial status.

General Fund Summary Fall 2018
This report is a summary of our General Fund. It shows budget amounts as well as historical revenues and expenditures. It also shows out ending fund balance over the last five years. As a District, we have worked to increase out ending fund balance because of the volatility of the state budget in regards to education funding.

McLeary Summary
The second report give you some history of the McLeary lawsuit and the legislature's answer to that mandate by the State to fully fund education. This report has five pages. The first two give a little history of the McLeary Act and the next three show the projections of the district's revenues and expenditures as a result of the legislatures answer. The last page shows the devastating result that this will potentially have on the District. There will be many dicussions prior to the creation of the 2019-20 budget in order to prevent a declining fund balance that you see on the last page of the McLeary Act report.