Public Disclosures

ASB Extra Curricular Report
New reporting requirements for public schools and their ASB General Fund account
ASB Athletic Data Report from OSPI.pdf

Citizen Complaint Procedure Link 
Follow the link above to the OSPI website if you would like to file a statement alleging a federal or state violation.

For and Against Committee Appointments

PSE Contract 2021 - 2023
Public Schools Employees of Washington - Collective Bargaining Agreement
PSE Letter of Agreement 2019-2020
Public Schools Employees of Washington  - Letter of Agreement
PSE MOU 2020-2021
Public Schools Employees of Washington  - Letter of Agreement

MOU Trip Pay DSD & PSE
Public Schools Employees of Washington  - Trip Pay Memo of Understanding

DEAA Contract 2016-2020
Davenport Extracurricular Activities Association - Collective Bargaining Agreement
DEA Contract 2021-2023
Davenport Education Association - Collective Bargaining Agreement
DEA/DSD MOU 2020-2021
Davenport Education Association - MOU Collective Bargaining Agreement

Fund Balance  2019-2020
Fund Balance 2018-2019
Fund Balance 2017-2018
Fund Balance 2016-2017
Fund Balance 2015-2016
Fund Balance 2014-2015