DHS Class of 2022! 

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

I hope this letter finds you all doing well and excited about the conclusion of our students' senior year. It is hard to believe that graduation is right around the corner, the senior class is looking at a little over two weeks before they walk across the stage and close the book on their high school careers. We are putting the last touches on our ceremony and have a few details to share. 

The class of 2022 will embark on a new tradition this year and also see the end of a recent one. We are excited to offer a Senior Lock In event this year for the first time. Mr. Hargrave has worked hard to structure a fun evening for the kids. Unfortunately, the more recent tradition of the senior community parade is coming to an end. We had originally told the kids no on the parade due to safety concerns, but had recently reconsidered with the idea of having an adult driver for them. However, after running the idea by the sheriffs office they are still concerned about safety and their available man power that day with Mule Days also taking place. So we will not be allowed to have the parade this year. It is a bummer but we are at least thankful that this class gets to have a full gym to watch the ceremony unlike the previous two years because of Covid protocols.  

With that being said, we are excited to celebrate this amazing class. The resilience and perseverance they have demonstrated over the course of their career has been tremendous. What they have gone through to get to this point is only going to benefit them in the future.   


Senior Schedule: 2022

May 21: Senior Lock in

Parent involvement for this first time event would be very appreciated. We plan to begin at 9pm and end in the morning.  Students will be unable to leave once it begins. The plan is to open the gym, watch movies in the auditorium, play games, etc. Contact Todd Hargrave at [email protected] for information.

May 31: Senior class trip to Chelan

June 1st & 2nd: Wrap-Up Finals, Credits, and Classes

June 2nd: 

  • Seniors check-out of school @ 8:00 am - 10am

  • Graduation Walk @ K-8 Building (10:00 am)

  • Graduation Practice @ 11:00 am

June 3rd: Final Practice @ 10:00 am

June 4th: Graduation Ceremony @ 1:00 pm (Davenport High School Gymnasium)

School will open @ 11:00 am, Seniors need to be here @ 11:00 Individual Pictures, Class Picture @ 12:00

Each Graduate gets 6 seats for Family/Friends to sit in the floor area. These are chosen by students at random draw. Other family members are welcome to sit in the stands.


Chad Prewitt, HS/MS Principal

If you have any questions please contact me @ 509-725-4021 or [email protected]



See Route Below

Graduate Parade LineupALL grads need to be @ the baseball fields DRESSED in caps & gowns by 2:45 PM.

Parade Route Map