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Bi- County Prom Rules

1. All students will enter through the main gate at the Spokane Convention Center. Security will be at the gate checking student bags and photo ID if needed. You are not allowed to bring backpacks, bags, or your own drinks into the Spokane Convention Center. Water is provided at the dance.

2. All students will sign in from each school and sign out when leaving.

3. There will be no admittance after 10:00 p.m. unless prior arrangements have been made.

4. Once you leave, you will not be allowed to re-enter.

5. All dancing must be face to face with space (no grinding). Students will receive a warning. If inappropriate dancing continues, the parents will be called and the student will be asked to leave the dance.

6. This is a formal dance; t-shirts and jeans will not be allowed.

7. Any student removing any part of their clothing attire other than a suit jacket or formal jacket will be asked to leave and school discipline will follow.

8. No students under the 9th grade will be allowed to attend the dance.

9. No person 21 years old or older will be allowed to attend the dance.

10. The use of drug, alcohol, or tobacco is prohibited. Violator’s parents will be called and students will be turned over to the hired security staff.

11. There will be no decorating for the dance. The spread of confetti on tables ect. is prohibited. We will be charged for extra clean-up.