Gorilla Graduate

DHS Class of 2024!

It seems like this year is already flying by. But our seniors still have lots of memories to make and a few things to get checked off their lists before graduation. We spoke with Alison Hawley (MS/HS Counselor), Elesha Johnston (Gear Up Coordinator) and Taunya Van Pevenage (Teaching & Learning Coordinator) to get their...  

Top Tips for Seniors:

Mrs. VP:
Tip #1: Read the Culminating Project Handbook--Know it, do it, and reap the rewards! A DHS diploma awaits you! :-)

Tip #2: Your senior year will propel you into your next phase of life, so be sure you take advantage of all the support offered to you for a successful launch. Reach out for help, utilize your resources, put in the effort required at the crossroads in your life, so your effort creates the results you are seeking.

Tip #3: Savor every moment, listen to advice from those who have gone before you, and take advantage of opportunities you are given or those you create. You will never be a DHS senior again, so make this part of your life journey one you will reflect back on with positive memories--not regrets.

Tip #4: Remember, Once a Gorilla, Always a Gorilla! You will always have a home here.