Davenport Bridges Parent Partnership

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We are excited to support our community families who are seeking a family-first approach to education. Bridges K-8 Alternative Learning Experience is designed to create a learning path that connects your child’s curiosity, your parental passion for teaching, and the Davenport School District’s instructional resources. Together, we can chart a course for learning and support your child’s growth!

What are the benefits of enrolling in Bridges?

-Gain access to on-site activities and resources on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to support your child's academic growth, social confidence, and curiosity development through the arts, group play, and STEM activities.
-Partner with a certificated teacher to create a learning plan tailored to your child.
-Utilize an extensive menu of curriculum options to fit your child's learning style and your instructional comfort.
-Enjoy a teaching partner for brainstorming and planning your in-home learning experiences, troubleshooting challenges, and celebrating successes!

We would welcome the opportunity to share how Bridges can support your family's learning goals. Please complete this SURVEY so that
we can contact you.